Top 20 NuGet tempo Packages

Library of media components (e.g., WAV file parser, DTMF frequency generator, etc.)
.NET library for the SonicApi service. With this service you can analyze audio files to detect tempo, beats, melody, key chords but also add reverb and do pitch/tempo correction. See the README at GitHub repository.
Previsão do Tempo para uma determinada cidade do Brasil WebService CPTEC/INPE Endereço: CPTEC/INPE (
The SoundTouch library is originally written by Olli Parviainen in c++. Although a .NET wrapper library is available, this library aims to be a complete rewrite in C# It is an open-source audio processing library that allows changing the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate parameters independently...
Sistema de consulta de previsão do tempo. Font: CPTEC/INPE