Top 20 NuGet suave Packages

Suave-Fable adapter that generates routes for shared server spec with a Fable client. Client must use Fable.Remoting.Client
This module provides support for Razor views to the Suave web server
Suave plugin to use Serilog as the logger for your application
Small .NET Core library which provides middleware to run a Suave app (on top of Kestrel) within ASP.NET Core.
A wrapper for APIs to call from C#
A pluggable healthcheck endpoint for the Suave functional web server.
Shaver is lightweight F# library for web server built on the top of the Razor Engine and provides some extra features like template composing, setting custom return codes, localization resources support or server thread auto-localization by client Accept-Language header.
Document your Suave web services with Swagger. Swagger UI is embedded in resources and a WebPart serving it is automatically added.
This project is a POC helping you to document your Suave services with RouteTypeProvider.
OAuth authorization WebParts for Suave WebApp framework
A utility library to scale Up Azure Functions in F# Using Suave. By using this libary you can host and run your Suave code in Azure Functions.
Set of helper functions for smooth running Suave web server on Internet Information Services (IIS)
F# Library for type-safe client-server apps targeting Suave and Fable on dotnet core
A minify WebPart for Suave
Suave Template
SAFE Stack Template
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