Top 20 NuGet stopwatch Packages

Adds basic timing to methods.
This package includes diagnostics helpers such as: - FileEventLogger for logging debug, info, warning, error, and critical messages to a file. - AppDiagnostics for providing an application-wide exception handler. - StopwatchHelper to help track the time of multiple long running ope...
A stopwatch class designed towards measuring how much time a process or section of code uses. Great for measuring code efficiency and performance.
Provides ASP.NET Core request middleware that starts and manages a stopwatch specific to the current request. The value of the stopwatch is made available in the request's `HttpContext`, and the final value at the end of the request is logged for future analysis.
This simple filter allows you to time all your action methods. See the ReadMe.txt file for details. See for details.
lib12 is a library of universal helpers and extensions useful in any .NET project
Keeps track of elapsed time, iteration count, max, and mean time spent for a given operation
Package Description
Simple library to help compare the performance of different algorithms. Create your tests by writing classes that implement the IPerformanceTest interface. The library will run all such tests in the specified assembly and provide the results, which include a description of the test, the time in mill...
A small debugging helper-class for developers that helps tidying your timing-output.
A quick and dirty benchmarking action filter for .NET Core.
Razor thin wrapper around QueryPerformanceTimer
When you need a quick performance counter on your .NET code.
Timers, stopwatch.