Top 20 NuGet stateless Packages

File uploader
Integrate RawRabbit with the Stateless StateMachine.
The Bet.Autoflow is a workflow engine. Enable business processes inside of your code.
This is a clone of the original stateless repository (owned by Nicholas Blumhardt), compiled for .NET 4.0. Stateless is a base for exploration of generic and functional programming to drive workflow in .NET. It allows you to state machines and lightweight state machine-based workflows directly in ...
TheNetTunnel Light and fast rpc library
Bootstrap for Service Fabric OWIN Stateless Services
Stateless FSM machine compiled for .net 3.5, valid for using it with Monodevelop and Unity projects.
Little workflow engine with fluent definition Full documentation & sample here :
Bootstrap for Service Fabric Stateless Services
A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.
This hybrid authentication model will check Stateless Authorization Header authentication first and then try Forms Authentication second.
This expands upon the default stateless authorization package but using the convention that the security credentials are provided in the Authorization (request) Header.