Top 20 NuGet smartcard Packages

Managed .NET wrapper for unmanaged PKCS#11 libraries
.NET / Mono security and cryptography library that provides client support for ftps, gnupg, smartcard, and socks / http proxies
Contains classes to access the Personal Computer/Smart Card Resource Manager using the system's native PC/SC API. The library is written to run on multiple platforms (.Net Framework, .Net Core or Mono using PCSC Lite).
Xamarin plugin for the Gridler iMatch.
The Smartcard SDK allows an application developer to read data from JCOP compliant physical smartcards and virtual smartcards residing in Reference Point's Vircarda smartphone application. is .net version of gbay which has supports for: * Digital Signing * Verification and authentication * Certificate detail information extracting * Smart cards and tokens managment * File Encryption * Token and smart card status detection (detect if device is removed or edited) * PC/SC devic...
Managed .NET wrapper for unmanaged PKCS#11 libraries
A fluent .NET API to manage GlobalPlatform smartcards.
Easy to use PKCS#11 based X.509 certificate store
Integration layer for Pkcs11Interop and iText (iTextSharp) libraries
Tools to help you work with the ISO7816 standard.
WSCT Wrapper for Desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
Main API for WSCT (WinSCard Tools). Warning: this package alone does not allow to connect to a smartcard reader: use WSCT.Wrapper.Desktop for that.
Belgian eID card SDK