Top 20 NuGet simpledb Packages

Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available, scalable, and flexible non-relational data store that enables you to store and query data items using web services requests.
SimplyTyped is a .NET library that allows simple, strongly typed access to AWS SimpleDB domains. It wraps the `AWSSDK.SimpleDB` library, and exposes the functionality it offers with a simple, strongly-typed, asynchronous API.
ScrappyDB is a code first style object mapping library and Linq provider for Amazon SimpleDB. Also included is an ASP.NET Membership Provider for Amazon SimpleDB.
Simple provider for persisting C# POCOs to Amazon SimpleDB
Tools for persisting to different data providers
Easy way to interact with AWS SimpleDB from you apps
Provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including S3, SQS, SimpleDB, EC2, SES, and E-Commerce Services.
Simple TraceListener that can log to Amazon SimpleDB from System.Diagnostics.Trace
Simple logging tool that logs messages and Exceptions to Amazon SimpleDb / S3