Top 20 NuGet share Packages

Enables VS extensions to access Live Share capabilities.
Share Plugin for Xamarin and Windows to share text, link, copy text to clipboard, or open a browser.
Facebook login, sharing, facebook graph requests and permissions handling across Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android
A Xamarin wrapper around Xaamrin.Auth APIs to share in Social Media(Facebook & Twitter for now)
Enables VS language service extensions to integrate with Live Share.
Xamarin.iOS.WeChat with payment
Azure.Data.Wrappers Class Library
King.Azure.Data Class Library
Library for accessing UNC Shares with an alternative identity
WinRT library for structured data sharing using data formats
This is a portable class library which wraps the CityBikes API available here:
Open-Share-Icon, made available in various package managers
It's a flip way to show share widget for Xamarin Android
OpenShare.Net Repository Library. All repositories are tightly coupled to Entity Framework. Primary Keys have their own generic types to make creating new repositories easy, and for allowance of composite keys. Many basic Id based repositories for different types already exist and can be used as exa...
OpenShare.Net Service Library. Contains some ready made injectable services like HttpService for connecting to API's, MailService (uses Exchange Web Services), and allows for easy configuration with Configuration Factory and Configuration Service examples. See source code on Github by using the proj...
Classes to authenticate and communicate with the Instagram API. It also contains container classes which transform the JSON responses of the endpoints into objects.