Top 20 NuGet serialisation Packages

A .NET serialisation library where the same function can both serialise and deserialise (i.e. Serdes = SERialise-DESerialise)
A fast, lightweight, cross-platform serialisation tool with support for safe contract evolution.
A simple set of utility classes and a sample T4 template that allow easy code generation for Sitecore templates from Rainbow / Unicorn serialized items. Currently, only the YAML serialization format is supported.
Performance-optimised JSON-serialisation tool for .NET.
Nequeo code generation component
Move quickly from data in your programs to data on your harddrive and vice versa. Validate XML files against a schema before deserialising them. Get detailed validation errors to let you know exactly what's wrong with your XML format. Full source code and example data available on GitHub: https://g...
Nequeo serialisation component
Nequeo net code generation component
Extremely compact serialization for when size matters more than functionality. Produces output smaller than JSON, ProtoBuf and MsgPack.
Library Serialisation Json
Library Serialisation Json
A binary, reflection based serializer for Silverlight, WP7 and .NET, written in C#. This NuGet package is an unofficial fork containing SL, WP7 & .NET libraries.
Serialisation components for cross platform development on Android, iOS and WinRT
Contract resolver extensions for Json.NET. For snake_case1 and snake_case_2
Explicit serialisation library.
A really simple C# JSON parser.
Serialisation library for C# - ultra small output!