Top 20 NuGet section Packages

Bootstrap 4 based Section tool for Kentico MVC Page Builder
Bootstrap 4 based Section tool for Kentico MVC Page Builder
Bootstrap 3 based Section tool for Kentico MVC Page Builder
Android binding package for Aidan Follestad's sectioned-recyclerview. For more information, follow this description:
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Jeffersonian is based on .NET Framework. It is a extension to the Map Suite product line, see below for compatibility. The Jeffersonian tool allows you to subdivide township ranges, sections, quarter-sections and lots as well as loading maps from surveys. ** This is an extension ...
The OneNoteProvider provides collections of Notebooks, Sections and Pages by parsing the XML hierarchy tree of OneNote.
Skybrud.Umbraco.ContextMenu.Media is a package for downloading media-folder in one-click in Umbraco
A basic CAD control that can be dropped onto a Windows Forms app. Provides simple drawing functionality and control. Also provides fiber section analysis using non-linear material properties. Contains basic API allowing saving / loading of geometry and other information, graphical controls over t...
SmtpSharpParser main use is to parse a string into a SmtpSection variable. Instead of reading it from web.config, app.config, ServiceConfiguration.*.cscfg you can get the smtp configuration from a string, like a connection string.
Global Trade Plugin for Umbraco Backoffice. Add the "Global Trade" section to the Administrators Group to use. For Usage Instructions watch the video for this package at the project url.
Utilities Plugin for Umbraco Backoffice. Add the "Utilities" section to the Administrators Group to use. Adds a Comments section to a page via the jb-user-comments angular directive. This can be used in tandem with a Discussion (Disqus) section. Page comments can be administered in the back office.
CacheItemPolicyConfiguration is a .NET library that provides a programmatic and .NET config file-based configuration of cache item policies used with the System.Runtime.Caching.ObjectCache class and its derived classes (such as System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache).
VTEX library designed to extend custom ConfigurationSection and allow they to reload configuration through defined restore plugin
Aerospike plugin for C# DynamicSection project
Classes for extending the System.Configuration namespace.
Toolkit for testing configuration file access and custom configuration sections.
An obsessively simple and performant library for protecting critical sections.
Unofficial Membercare WebApi nuget package
It is easier to use configuration in .Net/在.Net中更加容易的使用配置文件。