Top 20 NuGet ssdt Packages

Library to deploy an ssdt project to a database
Testing utilities: Resource finder, DB deployer, Asserts and more
A simple package includes sqlserver smo and dacpac service, to handle SqlInstance/LocalDB database creation/deletion/cleanup, and deployment with dacpac from a SSDT project, useful in deployment handling and unittests
Helper to deploy your SQL Server DataTools .dacpac files in code.
Unofficial package containing SqlPackage.exe command-line utility, from SQL Server 13.0
Parses SQL files to create a meta-object hierarchy with which you can generate C# code such as stored procedure wrappers or Entity Framework entities. Includes templates. Go to for more info!
Contains the T4's required by to generate test classes that can execute tSQLt tests during TFS build.
Unofficial package of Microsoft.Data.Schema.ScriptDom.dll if you need it as reference
Unofficial package of Microsoft.Data.Schema.Utilities.dll if you need it as reference
Unofficial package of Microsoft.Data.Schema.dll if you need it as reference