Top 20 NuGet rhinomocks Packages

RhinoMocks auto mocking integration for Stashbox.
Automock implementation for RhinoMocks using Ninject to create the objects under test.
Contains a base class for UnitTests that supports testing code that uses the dependency injection pattern.
TDD is dead : only for legacy code that doesn't have HardMock! Record your Mock from integration test when you have lots of Legacy code.
DotGoodies.Testing.RhinoMocksExtensions provides 3 things for behaviour driven unit tests: * A base class for tests using RhinoMocks. * A way to create thread safe mock that can be called from several threads in parallel. This is to fix a well known bug in version 3.6 of RhinoMocks. ...
Test helpers for CoreDdd library
Extensions for the mocking framework RhinoMocks
this.Log-RhinoMocks is the Rhino Mocks plugin to this.Log logging extension that brings the MockLogger.s
This package offers analyzers to update RhinoMocks to NSubstitute
DescriptionLibrary to enable mocking of Entity Framework. Keeps an in-memory store of data
The Maxfire Webstack ASP.NET MVC TestCommons Library contains a bunch of based Extensions.