Top 20 NuGet RevStackCore Packages

RevStackCore .net core OrientDb repository pattern.
Models, messaging services and extensions for a Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity MVC web app
json web token support for AspNetCore Identity
RevStackCore .net core OrientDb Graph repository pattern.
Identity managers and IdentityBuilder extensions for the generic RevStackCore implementation of Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity
SQL Server implementation of the RevStackCore repository pattern.
Google APIs Maps/Geocoding services
Google APIs credentials context
C# Design Pattern class library
Geolocation extensions
RevStackCore Event Bus NetMQ implementation
.net core network related utilities and extension methods
StackExchange.Redis typed POCO client
EntityFrameworkCore implementation of the RevStackCore repository pattern
.net core queryable Rest API using System.Linq.Dynamic
RevStackCore .net core Event Bus abstractions.
Cache repository pattern abstraction
Local file system implementation of the IO repository pattern abstraction
MySQL implementation of the RevStack Repository Pattern.
IMemoryCache implementation of the RevStackCore generic cache repository