Top 20 NuGet rgb Packages

Syncfusion UI controls for UWP provide color picker and color palette controls. This package contains the following controls. Color palette: Color picker:
A standardised interface for RGB devices and plugin effects used to drive them.
ImageGlue is a toolkit for the creation and modification of still images. It can be used in .NET desktop applications or in .NET server pages. Read and write a host of media formats including: BMP, PNG, TIFF, Fax TIFF, JPEG / JFIF, GIF, Photoshop (PSD), QuickDraw PICT, Targa, QuickTime Image (QTIF...
The RGB Kit Corsair CUE provider.
The RGB Kit ASUS Aura provider.
The core RGB Kit components.
The one-stop C# SDK for NZXT devices.
A C#/.NET library for interacting with Razer's Chroma SDK.
Client for the OpenRGB SDK
A .NET Core library for controlling RGB lighting from NZXT products
This library contains several useful classes: - ColorConverter RgbToHex RgbToCmyk RgbToHsv RgbToHsl HexToRgb HexToCmyk HexToHsv HexToHsl CmykToRgb CmykToHex CmykToHsv CmykToHsl HsvToRgb HsvToHex HsvToCmyk HsvToHsl HslToRgb HslToHex HslToCmyk HslToHsv - ColorComparer - ColorGenerator GetRandomCo...
Open source .NET library for working with color spaces.
Open source library that makes converting and comparing colors easy. ## Supported Color Models: * CMY * CMYK * HSL * HSB * HSV * CIE L*AB * Hunter LAB * LCH * LUV * sRGB * XYZ ...
An avalonia control for color matching and palette design.
A library for working with various color models and color conversion in .NET.
General purpose color matrix class
24-bit coloring and VT features for .NET System.Console !
LED animation/information display framework
A Beautiful and very advanced material color picker for Xamarin.Android
A customisable material color picker view for Xamarin.Android