Top 20 NuGet psake Packages

Plugin template for Koshu
Koshu plugin for NuGet related tasks
Koshu plugin for simplifying user interactions in your psake scripts
psake-contrib is a repository for scripts, modules and functions that are useful for running a build with psake.
CSBuild is a .NET library which helps create build scripts with normal .NET console applications.
本框架采用Psake作为脚本构建框架,依托Powershell本身强大的功能,实现对开发过程自动化的功能。 1. [下载安装netcore 2.2 及以上版本SDK]( 2. [下载安装 Powershell 6]( 3. 使用控制台或powershell,运行命令`dotnet tool install ...