Top 20 NuGet pwa Packages

TimeWarp Templates for ASP.NET Core Blazor
Bionic - An Ionic CLI clone for Blazor projects
Bionic Templates - Templates for CLI generate command
Package Description
Bionic Capacitor Plugin - Capacitor Platform CLI commands
Bionic Bridge for Ionic's Capacitor Platform APIs
Bionic Electron Plugin - Electron Platform CLI commands
Bionic Capacitor Template - Capacitor Project Template for Bionic
Bionic Electron Template - Electron Project Template for Bionic
Bionic Extensions - Development Extensions for a uniform Blazor development experience
Package Description
Bionic Monitor Service - Live reload service for Blazor/Bionic projects
Bionic Monitor - Live reload for Blazor/Bionic projects services CSharp API
OWIN middleware to easily enable Service Workers on classic ASP.NET applications.
C# MVC Progressive Web Applications (PWA) structure build exclusively to 4AppApproach. This package is not for free use.
Simple FrameWork for MVC Progressive Web Applications structure form C# with Data Base Connection and Rest API. This is not a free use, you must have an valid Token Key to use it.