Top 20 NuGet pe Packages

PeNet is a Windows PE (Portable Executable) parser written in C#. It parses all PE header structures for x32 and x64.
Load dll modules from memory directly
Load dll modules from memory directly
Cross-platform file reader for windows Portable Executable file format.
A full featured class library for reading the Portable Executable file format covering all major sections.
A set of classes that extends the Workshell.PE class library to help deal with the standard resource types within an executable such as bitmaps, icons, cursors etc.
Provides types to read Windows minidumps into C# structures. Defines MINIDUMP_HEADER and other types from the Windows API.
Read PE from File to Collect Import and AssemblyRef
A library to parse PE (portable executable) images.
A .NET Core library that allows editing PE EXE sections, with special support for the .rsrc section.