Top 20 NuGet oop Packages

This is the core for CatFactory engine and the base for child packages. This package allows to define CLR objects and database objects.
CatFactory Package for .NET Core (C#)
Ported .NET version of Cactoos by Yegor Bugayenko.
Add JsonConfig Setting and ApiContext
TrackerDog turns any .NET object or full object graph into a change-trackable object
Tool for auto generation of javascript proxy libraries to consume web api's
Nido Framework is developed on top of MS .NET entity framework, and also heavily influenced by the code first technique. The framework provides a standard method of coding your business logic layer as well as data access layer. That allows you to have much predictable, standard, and best performing ...
TrackerDog turns any .NET object or full object graph into a change-trackable object
-> Works on top of new and existing Web Forms applications, allowing the creation of mixed server and client-side server controls using Web standards. -> State-of-the-art, exclusive way of working with CSS and JavaScript dependencies! -> Light-weight client-side JavaScript dependencies...
Object API Assistant is developed for Object oriented API calls . No need to worry about JSON parsing.
A .NET object for creating ID fields for Domain Driven Design objects or Document Database ID's. The Id's generated are 16 charactors long so they are much more easy to work with than a GUID. Identity is a struct that can be used as an identity of a class. It's URL safe, case-insensitive, and...
Provides a simple API to use Lucene.NET with objects without having previous knowledge of indexing
.Net port of Yegor Bugayenko's Java library Cactoos for OOP primitives :
.Net port of Java library Cactoos for OOP primitives :
.NET Library providing abstract classes for deriving domain-meaningful primitive type wrappers
An OOP library
A strict FSM (Finite-State Machine) architecture implementation.