Top 20 NuGet Neptuo Packages

Branch backuping plugin for GitExtensions. This plugin lets you create a .bundle containing all unpublished commits.
A Visual Studio solution runner.
Windows (global) HotKey binding support.
NuGet-based Plugin Manager for GitExtensions
Generic value converters usable in any WPF project.
Common utils by Neptuo.
EventSourcing hosting infrastructure.
Test package for SourceLink.
Implementation of Neptuo.Formatters with support for immutable and versioned objects.
In-proc SharpKit compiler.
Local (System.IO) file and directory events dispatching mechanism.
Behaviors extension for Jobs.
Base (platform independent) support for building UI on PresentationModels.
Support for localization based on dictionaries and culture info.
Local (System.IO) implementation of abstract file system.
Model definition and usage abstractions.
Compilation pipeline for template processing.
XML Serialization and deserialization support for model definitions and values.
Feature models (soft contract, endless extensibility).
File system abstractions.