Top 20 NuGet neon Packages

Scripting host for Helium
Framework for creating Helium general plugins
Abstractions for creating general Helium plugins
This library provides .Net Micro Framework support for the Molecule.Net 'Neon' wifi board, which uses the ESP8266 block to provide a serial-to-wifi bridge
Yeppp! is a multi-platform high-performance SIMD-optimized mathematical library. Yeppp! provides optimized operations on vectors, such as vector addition, dot product, sum of absolute values, or exponential of vector elements. This is a multi-platform CLR bundle which internally contains platform...
This library exposes HostBackdrop, a new API introduced on Windows 10 1703 that makes elements on the app transparent with blur. The code is also based on UWP Community Toolkit. Note: 1.1.0 version brings compatibility to work side-by-side with UWP Community Toolkit. Also removed unnecessary depend...
Framework for creating Helium general plugins
Package Description
.NET library for working with Z2 System's Neon Web Service API
Version helpers for Helium