Top 20 NuGet modelling Packages

Provides common abstractions for domain modelling.
Provides conventions for creating an ASP.NET Core based REST API on top of a domain model.
Provides common types for persisting domain objects to DocumentDB.
A software pattern to organise and manipulate model simulations more consistently across projects
Declare Value Objects in one line e.g. `class ClientRef : ValueOf<string, ClientRef> { }`), create using `ClientRef.From(someString)` The base Type ValueOf<TValue, TThis>, provides Equals, GetHashcode. Use ValueTuples for multi property values e.g `class Address : ValueOf<(string firstLine, string ...
A visual designer for the lightweight framework. Using this package you can generate much of the boiler plate code involved in implementing a scalable, enterprise grade CQRS project ready for deployment on-premise or on Azure.
DeepEnds is a tool written by Zeb Mason to perform dependency analysis on code in a hierarchical manner. It produces DGML files for visualisation of graphs within Visual Studio and computes various metrics which can be placed in a CSV file or a HTML report. The HTML report can be generated ...