Top 20 NuGet mailer Packages

A really simple to integrate email sender.
Coravel's Mailer feature. Provides a terse yet expressive syntax with tools to send mail in your .NET Core apps.
Sender da Amazon Simple Email Service para envio de E-mails utilizando a biblioteca Codout.Mailer
Mailer for Gorilla Geek development
This is just a small project to send emails from within ASPNET.Core with razor template. See the exmaple project for details. Added support to send mails trough SSL. This packate is based on work from
An IIdentityMessageService implemention using the mailgun_csharp API wrapper
A simple but powerful mailer built up with handlerbars as viewengine.
Mailer for Gorilla Geek development
Mailer for .net, support template, smpt and mailgun transport
Send Emails from .NET Core 3.1 or Above With Razor View Templates
A .NET Mailgun API wrapper. Currently supports sending messages and batch messages.
Web-application health monitoring module. Fires e-mails to target address on any uncaught exception
Simple SMTP mailer using plaintext templates - written in C#. You can use this library to send emails from your .NET program.
Sender da SendGrid para envio de E-mails utilizando a biblioteca Codout.Mailer
Biblioteca para envio de e-mails
email templating from txt or html file and support backgrond task sending
mail helper for mvc and webform
Now we're talking. Send emails via SMTP.
Generate emails using Razor templates. Anything you can do in ASP.NET is possible here. Uses the RazorLight project under the hood.
Send emails to Mailtrap. Uses FluentMailer.Smtp for delivery.