Top 20 NuGet mip Packages

The OPTANO Modeling library allows you to use C# as a Modeling language for mathematical optimization (mixed integer programming (MIP) and linear programming (LP)). It has a lightweight footprint and connects to several solvers.
State of the Art Mathematical Programming Solver This package ships all files to run Gurobi with OPTANO Modeling on win64. No additional installation required. When running on linux, please also install gurobi as usual. OPTANO.Modeling.Gurobi comes with a size-limited Gurobi license (Pack...
A simple Milestone Advanced VMS Configuration API client builder. Contains a simple to use static class to help build the WCF client proxy used to communicate with the Milestone XProtect Management Server ConfigurationApiService, as well as the ServerCommandService.
Wrapper for handling Milestone MIP SDK login/logout, WCF proxy generation, and other common tasks