Top 20 NuGet loggly Packages

A .NET client for loggly. Supporting Https, Syslog UDP and encrypted Syslog TCP transports.
Configuration classes for loggly clients. Settings are read from app.config or can be programmatically injected at runtime. See for documentation
Serilog sink for service
Provides logging implementations and abstractions for writing ILoggerFacade logs with Loggly's services. This includes implementations using either Loggly Syslog or Loggly's REST based API
Sends log messages to Loggly.
A custom target for NLog that sends log messages to using the loggly-csharp library
Eleven41.Logging.Loggly is an implementation of Eleven41.Logging.ILog to send log messages to Loggly.
Sends log messages to Loggly.
Loggly binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Loggly provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Lucas Solutions Core Infrastructure
Lucas Solutions Core Contract
Adds a controller that can proxy requests from Loggly's JavaScript client to help protect your token.
Log4Net Appender for Loggly
Simple, asynchronous Loggly log4net appender.
Composite C1 Trace Listener to send logs to Loggly
Loggly module for Angulartics. See Angular.Analytics.Core for more details [NuGet packaging by ADAPTByDesign]
An NLog target for Loggly
An NLog target for Loggly
NLog connector targeting Loggly. For usage see the project home page.