Top 20 NuGet led Packages

Gauge contains a complete set of circular, linear, and digital gauge controls, along with LED lights and toggle switches. Visually render multiple data points in a compact area that is quickly recognized and understood by users. All gauge appearances can be customized using an enormous number of p...
A standardised interface for RGB devices and plugin effects used to drive them.
.NET Core API for Raspberry Pi Sense HAT running on Linux
Driver for IS31FL3731 matrix led driver
Driver for AdaFruit 8x16 Matrix LED Featherwing using the HT16K33 driver
A C#/.NET library for interacting with Razer's Chroma SDK.
A .NET Core library for controlling RGB lighting from NZXT products
Windows 10 for IoT Devices ADC/Convertors - IAdcControllerProvider Interface Compliant -------------- ADS1015 and MCP3002 Sensors ------- - BMP280, BME280, BMP180, BMP085 Air Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity - MCP970X Range of analog temperature sensors - MCP9700A, MCP9701A, MCP9701AE - HCSR04 ...
BlinkStick Generic Hid Library with KeesTalksTech modifications
Raspi Led (raspi-led) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
LED animation/information display framework
Wrapper for Gadgeteer Led7C
This project makes it really easy to add LED Matrix graphics to your Windows 10 for IoT project running on Raspberry Pi 2 or the Minnow Max Board. The main graphics library includes a font set, symbols and support for drawing lines, boxes, dots plus support for scrolling text across multiple displa...
A collection of controls designed by Tigra Astronomy
Driver for AdaFruit DotstarWing LED Featherwing
This is an implementation of an Open Pixel Control Client More information and examples of use at
LED animation/information display framework
Wrapper for Grove Led
.NET library that can control LEDs on Simraceway SRW-S1 steering wheel controller
Allows LED illumination configuration on Roccat TalkFX enabled devices