Top 20 NuGet lalr Packages

Farkle is an LALR parser library with an API similar to parser combinators.
Farkle.Engine is a GOLD Parser 5.0 engine for F# (primarily) and other .NET languages. It's part of the bigger Farkle project, which will be a revolutionary general-purpose parser library. It's still under early development. BTW, Farkle means: "FARkle Recognizes Known Languages Easily".
The GOLD Engine by Devin Cook (
This package includes GPPG 1.5.2 and GPLEX 1.2.2 tools for compiling YACC and LEX source files in your C# project. After installing this package, just type "Add-Parser MyLanguage" into Package Manager Console to add a new parser in your project and then Build. For a working example type...
Package description: Moppet.Lapa.dll, Moppet.Lapa.xml
This package makes creating templates from Farkle grammars possible in MSBuild. This provides a smoother development experience while using Farkle.
This package contains a command-line tool that makes development with Farkle easier and more automatic. Specifically, it is a modern replacement for the GOLD Parser's "Create Skeleton Program", powered by the Scriban templating engine. After you install it as a CLI tool, pass the "--he...