Top 20 NuGet invoice Packages

A *SIGNED* open source C# helper library for communication with the API of It's a Portable Class Library (.NET 4.0, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8 and Windows 8.x).
Invoice Capture is an online debt management system that helps companies get paid faster. InvoiceCaptureLib is a .NET library to communicate with it's public API.
A C# client to access Billomat.
ApiGum SDK is a .Net library for managing integrations between popular cloud applications like Twilio, SendGrid, Shopify and others.
Invoiced is a sync .NET client, and a portable class library for the Invoiced API. (Official Library)
Mondido Payments SDK for .net
DokuExtractorCore.Model is the data model for DokuExtractorCore
Protocol to sign and verify invoices
轮子发票中心SDK(.Net Standard版本)
A UiPath library to call the Klippa OCR API using a UiPath Activity. The Klippa OCR API provides real-time document extraction using OCR and Machine Learning, just send us the document and we provide you with the document content in a structured way to automate your document workflow.
A simple PDF invoice generator for .NET.
An implementation of for .NET
.NET client library for FEL web services (
.NET client library for Servisim web services (
.NET client library for FiscoClic web services (
Client for Mundipagg API
.NET client library for DFacture web services (
Protocol to sign and verify invoices, data storage on IOTA Tangle
Baiwang Invoice SDK
An invoice generator. Accepts an XML file from a client that specifies the details about the job to be invoiced. Commercial version: XInvoices. Web and console interface. Available at