Top 20 NuGet interval Packages

Newtonsoft.Json support for Ark.Tools.Nodatime extensions classes
A generic implementation of a centered interval tree in C#. In computer science, an interval tree is an ordered tree data structure to hold intervals. Specifically, it allows one to efficiently find all intervals that overlap with any given interval or point. It is often used for windowing queries,...
Extensions and helpers for Nodatime
Class library implementing advanced mathematical algorithms, transforms, and time series manipulations. Implementations favour a good balance of low computational complexity and simplicity as opposed to trying to obtain every last bit of computational performance.
C# library for calculating intervals and the duration between days, weeks, fortnights, bimonthly, months, quarters and years
Cadence.NET is a scheduling framework designed to handle timed, automated processes with ease and simplicity.
A utility class for retrying an invocation a specified number of times, with a specified interval between retries
A class which is useful for asserting invocations of IRetrier in tests
A library for all the data structures in C#. Every class is generic and reusable.
An extension of the Seekbar with labels like Olx FilterView Seekbar.
This is a PCL library that contains helper classes that should make handling intervals and faders (sliders) more comfortable. So if you want some value clipped between two distinct values, some nice constructors for that and maybe tell the structure to advance the value to 33% and read the resultin...
Implementation of interval calculus and alpha-cut - based operations on fuzzy intervals and numbers.
Implementation of interval calculus and alpha-cut - based operations on fuzzy intervals and numbers.
Véritable couteau suisse du .net, rlcx Power tools contient une énorme quantité d'outils plus utiles les uns que les autres.
A simple .net library for working with intervals of comparable types.
Handy structures for image processing such as mappings, near neighbour field, vector, interval etc.