Top 20 NuGet icomparer Packages

Compare for string to sort by number in string (as windows explorer do)
Useful set of extensions for working with Array, Memory, Span. Primarily for ordering/sorting vectors. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
Build IComparer and IEqualityComparer objects using natural language syntax.
A way to "naturally" sort strings so that ordering the strings "10" and "2" returns "2" followed by 10.
ILLightenComparer is a flexible library that can generate very effective and comprehensive IComparer<T> and IEqualityComparer<T> implementations on runtime using advantages of IL code emission.
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.FuncComparer
This is a library providing you with a means to use the OrderBy method from Linq but use a Method or Expression in the class responsible for sorting instead of the instance that's being sorted. For more information see:
Generic comparer wrapper for Func{T, T, int}.
This is a Libarary providing an implementation of DotNets IComparer that uses a Func to sort/order. For more information see:
A small helper library for configuring EqualityComparer<T> and Comparer<T>
Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 2.0 - .NET Core 2.0 - .NET Framework 4.6.1 All platforms that implement .NET Standard 2.0. See Visit repository for sample usage. See
MedallionComparers makes it easy to create IEqualityComparer<T>s and IComparer<T>s for any situation, including comparing collections.