Top 20 NuGet iasyncdisposable Packages

Quick helper library containing interfaces and classes to help you prepare for the C# 8 Async Streams feature.
A .NET library that provides an easy to use, correct implementation of the Dispose/Finalize Pattern.
Wrap an object in a disposable decorator to attempt to dispose the object later. This is useful when retrieving an instance of an object from a factory or container while only having an interface reference. If the interface does not implement IDisposable or IAsyncDisposable, but the concrete class ...
Microsoft.Extensions.Logging extensions methods. Add Scope and TraceScope.
Base object for disposing managed and unmanaged objects. Supports async disposing with IAsyncDisposable as well as the standard IDisposable.
.Net Languages improvement proposals code. Contains: - I(Async)CodeScopeExtension interfaces, generalizes using operator. - I(Async)LifetimeExplicit, I(Async)LifetimeTerminable, I(Async)LifetimeObservable interfaces. - using operator polyfill extension methods: Using, UsingAs...
Add to the *.cs file header: using static ClrPro.ESharp; And use: Using(new MyScopeExtension()).Do(s=>{ Console.WriteLine(s.ToString());}) var myAction = Y(()=>return 10); // myAction have type Func<int>;