Top 20 NuGet httprequest Packages

RestRequest - Simple .NET REST Client, based on .NET Standard 2.0.
Checks if id in url and body are the same for http put requests.
简单、易用、高效 一个有态度的开源.Net Http请求框架!可以用制作爬虫,api请求等等。让你感受一个简易到极致的HTTP编程. 让编程更简易,代码更简洁。用法请查看:
The Amazing DotNet-Library
A .Net Helper Library For Rapid Development.Give You A Easy Way Send Http Request
Расширения для управляемой и быстрой выкачки контента из сети.
Easily test your code that makes HTTP requests with this library of fakes.
C# HttpRequest Helper
This class helps you make cached method calls, and ensures the delegate is called only once in multithreaded environments. Useful for loading resources from external urls, making web service calls, running expensive calculations, etc. Sample usage: var result = cm.CachedCall("my_key", 30, delegate...
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