Top 20 NuGet freshdesk Packages

ApiGum SDK is a .Net library for managing integrations between popular cloud applications like Twilio, SendGrid, Shopify and others.
Wrapper for Freshdesk API v2
Invantive SQL is a netstandard 2.0 port of Invantive SQL that allows access to over 50 cloud and database platforms, all acting together as one global database. Platforms include: ExactOnline, Teamleader, Freshdesk, Salesforce, FTP, Dynamics, EDIFACT, ECB, VIES, XAF, XAS and XAA.
FreshDesk for .Net by Integration Software
An implementation for FreshDesk API V2.
Simple freshdesk integration for Seq log.
Freshdesk REST API .NET wrapper
FreshDesk for .NET