Top 20 NuGet fixture Packages

Karma Fixture (karma-fixture) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Jasmine Fixture (jasmine-fixture) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Don't spend hours writing code to mock a dozen dependencies, and more hours debugging it. Just write your test code, and let FixtureBase create the dependencies for you. FixtureBase constructs your UnitUnderTest to test your codebase end-to-end, with external dependencies auto-faked and automatical...
Ordering XUnit testcase based on priority.
Reusable HTTP server integration test building blocks to write integration tests in a more safe and fun way. The package consists of several functions to help write tests that clean up after themselves, making assertions more reliable by polling for required results, adds some standard building bloc...
Package Description
A .NET fake data generator inspired by ruby's factory_girl gem to make test-driven development more productive. Create your fake data for testing purposes more easily with random generators and fluent interface!
Autogenerated fixtures for C# projects. (Works with .Net Core)
Helper framework that uses xUnit to execute UI tests based on TestStack.White
API functional tests with a fixture pattern
Maddir is a micro library which allows directory trees and files to be created using a simple markup syntax
Fixtures Generator Library
MS SQL Server Dialect for DbFaker data generator.
.NET Datafixtures for Unit Tests
Helper framework that wraps TestStack.White to ease aid in desktop UI testing
Collection, Class and Test Case Fixture Dependency Injection for xUnit.
Simple class for testing context covers common test issues
MVC functional tests with a fixture pattern for an Entity Framework Core database
ADatabaseFixture.SqlServer, SqlServer database adapter plugin for ADatabaseFixture
ADatabaseFixture.GalacticWasteManagement, GalacticWasteManagement migration plugin for ADatabaseFixture