Top 20 NuGet fingerprint Packages

Design barcode labels and print them to Zebra Thermal Printers (ZPL or EPL) and Honeywell-Intermec Fingerprint by writing just pure .NET code in VB.NET or C#. ThermalLabel SDK can be used for designing and printing from simple to complex labels layout supporting Texts, Barcodes, RFID, Graphics and I...
Xamarin.Android.FingerprintAuthenticator is a library that allows you to use the fingerprint sensor in a quick and practical way for android marshmallow and above.
LGU.NET base library using DigitalPersona OneTouch ID for Windows. To use this package, please install Digital Persona One Touch ID RTE on your system.
Browser Fingerprint (browser-fingerprint) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Allow printing ThermalLabel SDK content from WPF and WinForms scenarios
Complete, cross-platform software licensing and copy protection solution providing secure license key generation and validation, online and over the phone software activation, hardware id generation and much more. Supported Platforms: - Portable Class Libraries - .NET Framework (2.0+) - Xama...
Fingeprint macthing library based on code and papers of Miguel Angel Medina Pérez
SourceAFIS is a fingerprint recognition/matching SDK (library), or more generally an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). It essentially compares two fingerprints and decides whether they belong to the same person. It can quickly search a large database of registered fingerprints. It ...
Generate fingerprints of audio files for use with the EchoNest identification service. Documentation and source code :
Helps optimize static websites by fingerprinting resources
A C++/CLI assembly for playing (with FFmpeg and XAudio2), tagging (with TagLib) and fingerprinting (with FFmpeg and Acoustid Chromaprint) audio files.
AcoustID.NET is a managed version of the original AcoustID chromaprint code. Additionally, AcoustID.NET provides easy access to the AcoustID audio identification webservice.
A simple class with a method for handling cache busting on static files (.Net)