Top 20 NuGet fsm Packages

Finite-state machine (FSM) based workflow
Finite-state machine (FSM) pattern implementation
Very simple and easy testable (TDD) hierarchical state machine. Only 3 simple steps needed. 1) Define triggers (enum) 2) Create states (IState) 3) Implement configurator (IBascoConfigurator)
A simple Finite State Machine library.
biz.dfch.CS.StateMachine ======================== A simple C# based State Machine that can be configured via State Transitions based on an idea by [Juliet]( "[Simple state machine example in C#?](
Fluent Finite State Machine library for CLR
Stateless FSM machine compiled for .net 3.5, valid for using it with Monodevelop and Unity projects.
Initial prototype of a very simple finite state machine.
A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.
CityLizard Framework allows developers to design strongly typed XML and HTML using .NET languages, such as C#, VB, F#, Nemerle. The project inspired by LINQ to XSD and Sharp DOM.
Chequered is a pattern library.
A Finite State Machine implementation
A state machine library that makes implementing state transitions more fun. Now with async execution.
A strict FSM (Finite-State Machine) architecture implementation.