Top 20 NuGet everybodyedits Packages

An Everybody Edits framework designed for performance and reliability.
Fluid is a flexible, all-in-one SDK for Everybody Edits made with the programmer in mind.
Fluently build PlayerIOClient code, and write less of it.
Create maps that look like a world in EE with ease, programically!
A C# wrapper for Lrussell's EE Api. ( see )
Automatically login a bunch of accounts to PlayerIO with extreme haste.
A physics extension for BotBits
A rounds extension for BotBits.
BotBits extension that allows making bots for!
BotBits.Permissions, an Extension to BotBits that allows setting up ranks for users.
An afk extension for BotBits.
A BotBits extension that makes adding commands to your bots super easy.
A collection to hacks and helper functions to make your life easier.
BotCake is a lightweight dependency injection framework for BotBits.
Library for Everybody Edits arcade bots
sqlite-net wrapper and SQLite database permission provider for BotBits.Permission
Improved command line console interface for BotBits bots
BotBits map loader
BotBits movement extension