Top 20 NuGet everybodyedits Packages

Automatically login a bunch of accounts to PlayerIO with extreme haste.
Fluid is a flexible, all-in-one SDK for Everybody Edits made with the programmer in mind.
Create maps that look like a world in EE with ease, programically!
A C# wrapper for Lrussell's EE Api. ( see )
An Everybody Edits framework designed for performance and reliability.
BotBits extension that allows making bots for!
BotBits.Permissions, an Extension to BotBits that allows setting up ranks for users.
A physics extension for BotBits
An afk extension for BotBits.
BotCake is a lightweight dependency injection framework for BotBits.
A BotBits extension that makes adding commands to your bots super easy.
A collection to hacks and helper functions to make your life easier.
A rounds extension for BotBits.
Library for Everybody Edits arcade bots
sqlite-net wrapper and SQLite database permission provider for BotBits.Permission
BotBits map loader
BotBits movement extension
Improved command line console interface for BotBits bots
Read from the protocol directly, and add reverse compatibility to your bot.