Top 20 NuGet encrypted Packages

XML XSerializer's XML serialization handles properties and types that the System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer does not handle, such as interfaces and dictionaries. It is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the BCL XmlSerializer - it uses the same attributes: [XmlElement], [XmlAttribute], etc. ...
Crypteron Security Framework Core Library shared by CipherDB, CipherStor, CipherObject and other products.
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework 6.x
Crypteron CipherStor for encrypting files and file streams destined for Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, SMB and local file servers
Crypteron CipherObject Agent for general object oriented encryption
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for NHibernate 4.x
This library enables .NET client applications to use Microsoft Azure Key Vault with Always Encrypted in Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Server. The library includes the column master key store provider that allows client applications to access data when a column master key is stored i...
This project supplies Appenders for Apache log4net RemoteSyslogSSLAppender and RemoteSyslogAsyncSSLAppender: Appenders specifically to allow remote SSL logging to a syslog running on a Synology NAS. This should work with any syslog conforming to the BSD specification. EncryptedForwardingAppend...
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for NHibernate 3.x
Obfuscates scripts using encryption. Facilitates seamless evaluation of encrypted scripts.
Simple plugin for storing key value pairs that need to be stored securely/encrypted
The Encrypted Token Pattern is a defence mechanism against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks, and is an alternative to its sister-patterns; Synchroniser Token, and Double Submit Cookie. The ARMOR Web Framework provides a means to leverage this technique in repelling CSRF attacks against ASP....
A System.Web.Security.RoleProvider that uses an encrypted file containing lists of users mapped to roles as its data store. See: for RoleProvider configuration details.
Extensions for Entity Framework 6 migrations. Supports table and column descriptions, default values and always encrypted columns.
X509 Certificate Based Protected Configuration Provider for Configuration Encryption
Simple read/write file
This library contains enclave providers for .NET Framework applications using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves. An enclave provider implements the client-side logic for the attestation protocol and for establishing a secure channel with a secure enclave inside SQL Server. For details on Always ...
An extension of ASP .NET Identity system to work with Always Encrypted feature.