Top 20 NuGet deque Packages

A double-ended queue.
DequeNET (pronounced Deck Net) provides a concurrent lock-free deque C# implementation. A deque, or double-ended queue, is a data structure that allows insertion and removal of items on both ends. ConcurrentDeque<T> supports 6 operations in constant time O(1): PushRight, PopRight, PeekRight, PushLef...
Collection of useful classes for your .NET application: Object Pool, Thread Pool, Queue Async Processor, BlockingQueue, DiskQueue, ThreadSetManager, Throttling, Semaphore, EntryCounteringEvent, Collections, ReadOnlyCollections, IoC, WeakEvent and other.
This library provides F# integration for the Imms immutable collections library.
Binaries for the Deque library. Visit for an overview and usage examples.
A powerful library of immutable and persistent data structures for the .NET platform.