Top 20 NuGet debugger Packages

An extension method for the Linq and DLR Expression classes and set of Debugger Visualizers to produce readable, source-code string versions of Expression Trees. Targets .NETStandard 1.0+ and .NET 3.5+.
Monitors exceptions in your application and automatically collects snapshots for offline analysis.
Debugger for Elmish apps
A browser-based, remote debugger for Mond scripts.
Ratchet Windows Debugger is a library part of the ratchet project that allows the use of the native windows debugger API within a .NET application
BugSplat crash reporting for .NET Standard 2.0 platforms. For .NET Framework 3.5+ crash reporting see
Visual Studio Debug Helper for ChildProcesses attaches the Visual Studio debugger automatically to any started child process with the ChildProcesses library.
Contains C++ header files and libs for the Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger Engine (Concord).
Contains targets and tools to enable the building Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger Engine (Concord) Extensions in either .NET or C++ code.
Codemander Debugger Site Extension for debugging web sites in Codemander IDE
Sitecore.Glimpse is a Glimpse plugin for debugging and gaining diagnostics from Sitecore powered websites