Top 20 NuGet datastructures Packages

FSharpx.Collections is a collection of datastructures for use with F# and C#.
FSharpx.Collections is a collection of datastructures for use with F# and C#.
Basic data structures in C# convenient for many applications. Currently contains only trees and ordered trees.
Ordered Set implemenetation.
Self Balancing Binary Search Tree
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.AvlTree
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.BinarySearchTree
Binary Tree Infrastructure
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.OrderedSet
A PascalSet space optimized for having fewer elements over a large range of integers.
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.SparsePascalSet
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.BitCounter
ISetEx and base class implementation, builds on ISet
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.DataStructures.SetBase
Welcome to Academy Collections. Academy.Collections presents a new set of data structures offering a lot of new applications for storing data in memory performing optimized operations and guaranteeing Microsoft .NET features like serialization and data information when debugging. Academy.Collection...
QuickGraph provides generic directed/undirected graph datastructures and algorithms for .NET. QuickGraph comes with algorithms such as depth first seach, breath first search, A* search, shortest path, k-shortest path, maximum flow, etc...
Binary Search Tree
A Sparse Character Set
A collection of useful C# utilities, extensions, and data structures.
An extended set of collections for .NET Standard