Top 20 NuGet datareader Packages

Optimized data reader which contains performance improvements when dealing with datasets which contain a large number of rows.
Simple C# SqlDataReader object mapper. Allows you to map a SqlDataReader to the particular objects. Supports simple property mapping, property name transformations, string trimming, manual property binding by name, type changing, function binding, etc.
Sql Data Helper Package
Extension methods for the ADO.NET IDataRecord class.
A convention object to object or DataReader to object mapper in .NET.
Contracts and implementations for working with data readers and collections as well as providing means of conversion between them.
-easy reading an writing data -supported formats: Csv, Fixed, Sql, Xml, Excel, Access, ADO (Oracle SqlServer, PostGre,...) -supports streaming an pipelining
Provides a standard way to read Excel data.
Squickl is a .NET library that simplifies access to SQL data sources when you don't want or need an ORM.
Implementation of IDataReader interface for regular expressions. Use to parse a file line by line by regex. Can be used with SqlBulkCopy.
Additional asynchronous functionality for the Bogosoft.Data library.
If you feel that the IDataReader interface could use some work, here is your change. DataReaderExtensions focuses on empowering the IDataReader interface through new method extensions that will make your code a lot cleaner.
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
ProtoBuf Data Light: a lightweight IDataReader serializer. This library serializes an IDataReader to a binary format using Marc Gravell's protobuf-net.
The missing component for AutoMapper version 4.2.1 that allows to Map IDataReader to IEnumerable
Bundle with libraries to facilitate use of ADO.Net and its most commonly used classes such as DBConnection, DBCommand and DataReader
Moq extension to mock DbDataReader with a list
ADO.NET IDataReader and IDataRecord decorator classes.
Read flat files using the ADO.NET IDataReader interface. This project has been retired and replaced with FlatFiles, which is easier to use, supports more file formats and is extremely fast!
Extention methods for IDbDataRecord