Top 20 NuGet constants Packages

Common Core Classes (Registry, Files, etc.
Mostly Commonly Used Constants
Constants for StandardDot
Provides a T4 file in order to generate the Templates.cs file for an Sitecore Helix module.
Fire-API for .NET Framework by Renaud42.
A Set of commonly used Time constants
Static Class For Country Codes Constants
Contains latest FontAwesome less,css,fonts and few C# constants for FontAwesome.
Auto-generated string consants for FontAwesome icons. When using this in XAML files, please call FA.Init() in your application loading logic.
Constants that represent information about device.
SenseWire Constants
RAD Elements is a common library which contains functionalities like Blob Storage Connection, Configuration Manager, Base Entity, Exception Handling, Message Logger, Standard API Response Formats, Generally used .Net and Web Constants and some utility methods.