Top 20 NuGet clipboard Packages

Xamarin Forms is great for developing apps on Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) but it is missing some important features: - Scalable images - NetStandard, PCL and Shared Library, multi-screen / multi-resolution image management - HTML formatted text for labels and buttons - NetSta...
A cross platform package to copy text to the clipboard.
Cross Platform Clipboard access for Xamarin Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, UWP, Gtk#, WPF
Dapplo.Windows.Clipboard is a library for accessing the clipboard in a more modern way.
This package's activities are to make easy automation in Excel.
Allows you thread-safe clipboard access.
Share Plugin for Xamarin and Windows to share text, link, copy text to clipboard, or open a browser.
Supported Platforms: • NETStandard • NETFramework Load, save, export, convert, archive, and process image formats such as Mayo Clinic Analyze (ANZ), Animated PNG (MNG), PhotoShop 3.0 (PSD), Xerox Internet Fax, Clipboard and Thumbnail Cache, and Windows Animated Cursor. Create a complete imaging so...
A Razor class library for interacting with the browser Clipboard API. Use in Blazor Server Apps or Blazor WebAssembly Apps.
MS Windows related tools like icon extraction, reading data from url-files, put text into clipboard, Network, getting metadata from DNS or DHCP or Active Directory
Provides clipboard watching/monitoring functionality.
SharpClipboard is a clipboard-monitoring library for .NET that listens to the system's clipboard entries, allowing developers to tap into the rich capabilities of determining the clipboard's contents at runtime.
Clipboard JS (clipboard-js) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Clipboard binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Angular Clipboard (angular-clipboard) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
React Copy To Clipboard (react-copy-to-clipboard) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Copy Text To Clipboard (copy-text-to-clipboard) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Spire.DataExport for .NET is a data export library which enables developers to quickly export data from from database, listview and command to word, excel, PDF, html, xml, ms access, csv, text, dbf, sql script, sylk, ms clipboard. When it is applied on .NET platform, it does not need to install any ...
A collection of UI controls and utilities for .NET Framework apps
Brings the functionality of the Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer APIs cross-platform with support for Windows, Android and iOS.