Top 20 NuGet cefsharp Packages

Chromely CefSharp Winapi implementation. Chromely.CefSharp.Winapi version naming is based Chromely and Chromium versions implemented- major.minor.chromuim version.patch e.g
This is a .NET Standard library. It is the base/core library required to build Chromely CefGlue apps on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
combines the CefSharp chromium wrapper with the W3bstract framework to run a in-memory hosted web application within a .NET exe
This is an unofficial port of Xilium.CefGlue to .NETStandard 2.0. For more recent versions and updates please also check the main Xilium.CefGlue site @
In-process Asp.Net Core MVC 6 web server. Accepts in-process requests, and responds using views and resources embedded in assemblies implementing Positron.Server.
Chromium based application UI, which uses Positron.Server.Hosting to provide in-process content.
Base package for in-process ASP.Net Core MVC 6 web server. Should be used by assemblies which are serving controllers and views, but which don't require access to the actual in-process server host.
Extensions to support opening Positron windows from legacy WinForms applications.
Chrome Runtime Downloader