Top 20 NuGet bootstrap4 Packages

A bootstrap4 component library for Blazor
Sve.Blazor.Core contains common models, extensions and abstractions for all blazor UI components
Creates an ASP.NET Core STS application using IdentityServer4 and Identity with localisation, TOTP, personal data, Bootstrap 4
A Datatable library for blazorstrap
Bootstrap 4 pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.Core.Web
A FluentValidation component library for BlazorStrap
A treeview component library for BlazorStrap
A reusable pagination component for Blazor to show related content across multiple pages.
A SVGLoader library for blazorstrap
Blazorized Server Side Customized Data Table Component with Pager and Pagination
Bootstrap4 blazor components
Bootstrap 4 pre-compiled views for cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web
A set of Content Templates for cloudscribe.SimpleContent using Bootstrap 4
A set of ASP.NET Core tag helpers that help create Bootstrap 4 ready HTML tables.
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.Web.Navigation
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Web
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.Core.Web
Tabler ( is free premium and Open Source dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI and this package contains Tabler files and sample layout for ASP.NET MVC projects
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe Core and SimpleContent integration
Bootstrap 4 views for cloudscribe.Core.IdentityServerIntegration