Top 20 NuGet benchmarking Packages

A library to microbenchmark lambdas in C# and F# that runs on both Windows (clr) and Linux (mono).
Windows only. Adds performance counter support to NBench measurements.
Console application to execute benchmarks
Console application to execute benchmarks
.NET extensions and helpers for types in System.Core.
Assembly containing methods to support benchmarking speed and memory consumption of .Net code.
Basic attribute-driven easy to use benchmark library. Features: - Define benchmarks: name, execution order, number of iterations - Benchmark arguments - Initialization methods - Warm-up methods - Benchmarks container: name - Parameters on benchmarks container properties - Benchmarks container initi...
BenchmarkDotNet Templates
A small utility to help with performance benchmarking (with an F# API designed by Matt Ball)
A simple to use framework for setting up benchmarks and visualizing results in real time.
A simple Javascript benchmarking library for comparing the performance of Javascript functions.
Report exporters for TinyBenchmark. Export as: - json
Exporter to interactive charts (uses Highcharts) for BenchmarkDotNet.
Agdur is a simple micro-benchmarking library for the .NET framework.
A small utility to help with performance benchmarking.
A load generator command-line tool for testing websites and HTTP APIs
A lightweight, micro-benchmarker for .NET.
A Benchmarking Tool
A fast and dirty benchmarking utility for dotnet