Top 20 NuGet atomic Packages

🎰 Simplistic, atomic, interlocked counter that allows for huge numbers of operations to be performed using a "sharding" style approach to summation, all in .NET Core C#
Perform atomic seek and read/write operations in C#. Named after "pread", a POSIX function for atomically seeking and reading.
boost_atomic-vc90. Compiler: Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
boost_atomic-vc80. Compiler: Visual Studio 2005 SP1.
Immutable persistent collections, algebraic sum-type aka descriminated union, Ref type and supportive extensions for performant functional programming in C#. Split from the DryIoc:
Practical high performance functional programming for C#. Immutable collections, concurrent HashMap, Ref, Union, Lens and Array.
Object / Document peer to peer database for the .NET framework.
Sane atomic operations for .NET based on the C++11 memory model.
This package includes static libraries for boost_atomic compiled for android. This package does not include header files.
Object / Document peer to peer database for Mono.
Library based on System.Threading.Interlocked class. Provides lock-free thread safe objects and methods to act like long, int, double, bool, Random. Easy to extend and write own thread safe functions based on this library.