Top 20 NuGet anime Packages

A dotnet wrapper for Jikan REST API, fetching data from MyAnimeList.
An api wrapper for
Simple asynchronous wrapper for the SauceNAO API.
Package Description
.NET wrapper for Anitomy, a library for parsing anime video filenames.
NHentai API wrapper for .NET Core 3.0+ and .NET Standard 2.0+
MalApi is a .NET library for accessing the API. You can get a user's anime list, get a list of recently online users, and get an anime's genres. You must set the UserAgent property of the MyAnimeListApi object to your API key.
A library trying to make one common interface for most anime database sites.
Search, Add, Update, Delete Anime/Manga information on using Web API (
An simple to use .net Standard library for anime tracing using
Just Another MyAnimeList (jaMAL) is a portable C# library for .NET, Windows Phone, and Windows Store to communicate with It supports query anime and manga from MyAnimeList. Manipulating the anime and manga list of one or more users; adding, removing and updating of the entries. Feat...
C# implementation of AnlistApi v1
C# implementation of AnlistApi v1
Simple library which is able to search, fetch and parse the xdcc packlist of
Wrapper for the unofficial azur lane api
A simple to use .NET Standard library for anime tracing using
A C# Wrapper for myanimelist main API. It contains async and sync methods for all available methods by myanimelist. Check github for documentation and examples.
First Version
This is a Blazor library that wraps animejs.
An asynchronous API wrapper for the Kitsu API.