Top 20 NuGet adonet Packages

Integrates Faithlife.Tracing with ADO.NET
This package includes dynamic link library(dll) for operations on your project. It provides executing query, get table data and executing stored procedure query.
Entity Framework metadata, trace and dump extensions for .NET 3.5
This library was developed to present your basic ado net operations with a simple fluent interface.
DotNet port of
DotNet port of
ADO.NET utilities
A complete ADO.NET driver implementation. It's purpose is to aid unit testing of libraries which are dependent of ADO.NET See the project site for more detailed documentation.
An ADO.NET mapping layer. Write SQL queries and get POCOs back. You can also use some convenience functions which allows you to write less SQL.
High-performance C# Bulk operations for SQL Server (starting from 2008) and Azure SQL Database. Supports Bulk Insert, Update, Delete & Merge. Uses SQLBulkCopy under the hood. Please leave a Github star if you find this project useful.
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