Top 20 NuGet adc Packages

Remote I/O Library for .Net Framework
Remote I/O Library for .Net Standard
Linux Simple I/O Library for .Net Framework
Linux Simple I/O Library for .Net Standard
Portable class library for interfacing hardware devices.
.Net 4.5 extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain
Firmata extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain.
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain
Library for .Net Framework 4.5
An Adc provider for the MCP3008 chip for use with Windows IoT Core. This project is originally created by Microsoft, but placed into Nuget by Chris Pietschmann since he wanted to use it, but for some reason Microsoft hasn't actually put it into Nuget yet.
.NET library