Top 20 NuGet .net-core Packages

SimpleMarkdown provides basic helpers to generate Markdown from plain text. It handles all common Markdown elements. The package currently targets .NET Core 1.0+, .NET Standard 1.0+, and .NET Framework 4.5+. (There is no reason this could not also work with earlier versions of .NET. Simply download ...
Core Web functionality for Automated-Intelligence web based projects.
Entity Framework data context and entities relating to the Moonbug Platform database.
RESTme (Restme) is a set of useful toolkits, including RESTful HTTP client, Azure Blob Storage Client, Redis Client as well as many Convertors & Extensions implemented in .NET Core
Package Description
DEPRECATED (drops support for this package) This client library enables working with the Kvpbase Blob service for storing binary/blob data. A very simple Wrapper for the Kvpbase to handle bucket instantiations. A library to abstract storing files to Kvpbase. Wrapper library i...
Entity Framework data context and entities relating to the Moonbug Reporting database.
Wrapper class for Google Cloud File Storage.
Cross package functionality for all Moonbug .net Core packages. Contains the main interface contracts used as a top level API for other packages, this allows us to easily build cross-package functionality without creating a massive dependency chain.
A .Net wrapper for the UnbelievaBoat Discord bot API.
Allows developers to handle API errors through middleware and returns a consistent response in case of errors rather than implementing their own solutions. There is also less fragmentation and no inconsistencies in response as it follows a pre-decided structure. Users can just register an inbuilt m...